We can’t all b…


We can’t all be proud of it but horse racing is one sport that a lot of people can enjoy. A competition of who breeds the best horse and of who can be the best horse rider, that in itself is easy to understand, but what is most exciting about these horse races would be that you can bet on those horses and bring home lots, or no money at all. A common misconception among conservative folks is that when you go and put up money just for enjoyment purposes, it’s unhealthy and will just be a waste of good hard earned time and money. But it is not so; the adrenaline in seeing these great horses at the track is quite fun and unwinding both at the same time. We can’t just all agree that this is the best competitive sport around but it surely is one of the most fun. You may say that boxing is a lot better but as far as wholesomeness is a factor, some people would rather watch a bunch of horses running around challenging each other to finish first than see two grown healthy men punching each other for 12 rounds. Well if you want to enjoy the sport, why not enter, choose a horse, and bet on it right? All you need is just some horse betting tips and you’re all set.

Fine folks who frequent the racing arena will be very much obliged to tell you how much and which horse to bet on, but when it comes to serious guidelines in horse betting, sometimes it’s just out of the question. They have certain personal rituals and charms that they say can make them win most bets than others but usually it’s just a matter of perception, research and luck. For example, if you want to stake on a horse that is untested and raw on the track, that would mean suicide and goodbye to your money that is because you’re gambling on something that was not tested yet. You might win though and that would be because of pure luck but it doesn’t happen all the time. What you need to do is bet on a horse from a specific team bred from champs, that will up your chances of winning and you can expect that specific horse to maybe come in second or third, not bad right?

These are just simple horse betting tips and there are more out there if you want to take the game seriously, just remember that all that is taken in moderation wouldn’t hurt you but too much of anything, whether good or bad, always turns out bad. Enjoy the game but don’t bet all your money.


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How I Clear £500- Every Day

VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure you read everything on this page before using this system!
I would like to welcome you to my site, and congratulate you on finding us! I was once like you, dying to know how others were making money online. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well luckily for you, I’m here to help :-D. Do you find yourself gazing away while stuck at work dreaming of the possibilities of making hundreds of pounds a day? So did I. These days, well; a couple of hours work a day pulls in around £500, every day. So I just kind of take it easy, little bit of work lots of play.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these that’s going to tell you how amazing I am at everything, then tell you how much you need to pay me to get that information. No, in fact I’m just a nice guy that wants to share this system with you, why you might ask? Well, I’m just that kind of guy, sounds corny but it’s true, I feel for people who are in the same situation as I used to be in, pay-check to pay-check, counting on payday loans…..ect. But I really feel for people who have to live like that, I am not going to lose anything from passing this information onto you. In fact, I will probably only gain, not financially just ego wise. I love helping people and that’s exactly what I want to do for you, so without further ado, let’s get to the point.

What is this system I talk of? This is basically a roulette betting system, now I know a lot of people are put off by this sort of thing, but don’t be. First off, I will be showing you a 100% risk free way to try this system, so don’t runaway just yet.  Second, is that I have proven this system to work, I was as skeptical as you, trust me. You have to try this though like I said, 100% risk free! So worth it.

How does this system work?

This is a very simple system, I think I could probably even teach my 93-year-old grandma to master this one, seriously easy. So what we want to do is pick our casino, get into the software and head to the roulette board. Once your there, this is what you will be doing:

Place a pound on red or black.

Say you take red.


£1 on red loses.

Here’s where we double our bet on red;

£2 on red loses (again)

Double up again;

£4 on red wins

You win £8. Now, what you can see here is the initial £1 + £2 + £4 = £7. But you just won back £8. Now what this system basically is, is just a mathematic system, that if played right can result in guaranteed winnings. Let’s just try another example, because I know how skeptical I was about all this.

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So lets say  this time were following on from our last bet (£8 win on red), what we want to do is switch between the two colours, so we just won on red, now let’s go on to black:

£1 on black loses

Double up;

£2 on black loses

Double up;

£4 on black loses

Double up;

£8 on black wins

(Going to carry on for example’s sake)

So now we would follow this with:

£1 on red loses

Double up;

£2 on red wins

£4 pound win from a £3 bet.

For black (£16 Return) lets look at the math again £1 + £2 + £4 + £8 = £15. So your up a pound, again. Now the only reason that its only going up a pound is because that’s what were starting out with, if we started with £5 for example, we would make £5 at the end of the cycle, let’s see an example:

(We just did red, so we will switch to black again)

£5 on black loses

Double up;

£10 on black loses

Double up;

£20 on black loses

Double up;

£40 on black Wins.

£80 pound win, now lets look at the math: £5 + £10 + £20 + £40 = £75. So you can see that this time £5 profit was made because £5 was the initial bet.

Important notes on using this system

I have seen countless people go into this system, ready to make some serious money, but one thing that I would warn you about is that even though going into this with say £50 may seem a lot less risky than going into it with £500 pound, you would be very, very wrong. The more money you have in your casino account, the closer you are to guaranteeing a win. Luckily the casinos are very good at topping up your casino balance and offer some very generous bonuses, that I suggest you take to top up your account to a safer level I would suggest trying to achieve an opening account balance (after bonus) of around £500, although that may seem a little steep this is actually a security measure for you, and really achieving that opening account balance is defiantly not difficult when you take into consideration some of the bonuses these casino’s hand out, some as ridiculous as 5K,  sometimes. The reason having a larger account balance is safer is because you can go further down the line, now I like to make things clear so I’m going to hit you with another example. Lets say you put £50 in your account and the casino matches that, so you’re at £100.

Start on red:

£1 on red– loses     (Balance £99)

Double up

£2 on red– loses     (Balance £97)

Double up

£4 on red– loses     (Balance £93)

Double up

£8 on red– loses     (Balance £85)

Double up

£16 on red– loses   (Balance £69)

Double up

£32 on red– loses  (Balance £37)

Now as you probably know by now, the next bet would be £64, but as you can see the remaining balance cannot cover that bet, so at this point, pretty much, your screwed. Unless you want to top it back up of course, but just bear this in mind, going in with a small amount of money leaves you massive risk, go in with slightly more and you will see a steady increase in your balance.

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